Bella Needs a home

This is a dog we took in from Pets Alive Westchester when they closed down. This sweet senior girl hopes her turn is next. Bella is happy and very well cared for here, but she deserves a real home

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  1. Susan Mozeson says:


    My name is Susan Mozeson and I am interested in finding out if you might have a senior male dog about 25-35 pounds who is housetrained and good with female dogs. We have a mix breed female dog 7-8 years old who is very loving and friendly but seems to like males dogs instead of female dogs. She is 57 pounds and seems to be intimidated by dogs bigger than her. Our male pit bull died a year and a half ago from kidney failure and we miss him very much. Would you let us know if you might have a male dog for adoption in your kennels? Thank you.

    • Booking says:

      Hi there! We do have a candidate or two for you to meet if you are still looking. We have a sweet boy named Mugsy who would fit your criteria perfectly. I’d be very happy to set up a meeting between Mugsy and your dig to see if they like each other. Mugsy is a neutered male pit/lab mix, about 40 lbs and about 8 yrs old, very friendly and sweet.

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