Boarding Rates



Small $32.00/night (3’x4′ indoor space – 3’x15′ outdoor run)
Medium $34.00 (4’x5′ indoor space – 4’x20′ outdoor run)
Large $36.00 (5’x5′ indoor space – 5’x25′ outdoor run)
Giant $38.00 (6’x6′ indoor space – 6’x30 outdoor run)
Senior Care $40.00 (5’x5′ indoor space – 5’x25′ outdoor run or 4’x15′ indoor kennels – leash walk outside)

Deluxe Private Suites
Unfurnished Suite $47.00/night (8’x8′ private indoor room – 8’x30′ outdoor run)
Furnished Suite $68.00 (8’x8′ private indoor room – 8’x30′ outdoor run)

$8.00 per 20 minutes of one-on-one outdoor playtime with kennel staff.
(maximum 2 times a day)

$10.00 per 30 minutes for outdoor play with a group of 5 dogs and kennel staff.

$23.00 /night boarding in giant show crates with shelving and kitty condos.
10% discount for pets in family sharing a kennel.
10% discount for 30+ consecutive days board (only 5% if already getting 10% for sharing a kennel)

We charge an $8.00 convenience fee for Sunday pickup,.
Your credit card on file will be charged prior to checkout if you pick up your pet outside of normal business hours Mon-Sat 9:30- 5:30.

To make a boarding reservation, call us at 914-234-3771.

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There are 2 Comments

  1. Michael Garrity says:

    You charge for boarding and then charge for letting the dogs play? The dogs are confined unless I pay extra?

    • Booking says:

      The dogs are not confined. Each dog has his own room with a sliding door that opens to a private fenced in area. The extra charge is for group playtime with other dogs, which must be closely supervised by staff, or a leash walk on our trails.