Common Questions and Answers

Q. I have never left my dog in a kennel before and we will be traveling for an extended time. Are there any suggestions?
A. It is normal for your dog to feel over stimulated when s/he first arrives here. There will be a lot of activity and smells to adjust to. If your pet has boarded at a kennel before, he or she will be comfortable right off the bat at our facility. If your pet is a first-timer, we recommend a short stay for the first experience. Like our kids, dogs and cats are reassured that their families will indeed come back to get them, and will remember that the next time they stay with us.
Q. Can I see the facility?

A. You bet! We are proud of our spotless, cheerful pet accomodations. Prospective guests and their families are welcome to take a tour Mon-Sat, 10:30 am through 4:30 pm

Q. Are there any vaccine requirements?
A. Yes, for the complete health and safety of all our guests, we require that each pet be current on his wellness program. These are the inoculations that are required:

Note: We are cognizant that many pet owners are reluctant to re- vaccinate their pets and we will accept titers from your veterinarian.

What should I know about boarding my pet at Northwind?
Make reservations early:

As soon as you know what you are doing call the kennel, even if the reservation has to be adjusted later. We rely on reservations. If you don’t make one early you may not find a place for your pet, especially on busy holidays and the summer months. If you are using Northwind Kennels for the first time, feel free to call ahead and schedule a time to see the facility. This an ideal time to discuss any special issues your pet may have. Be honest with us, we will not think less of you or your dog, if h/she is scared of storms, men, women, water hoses, will not potty on concrete or hates big black dogs. Let our staff know so that they can take the proper precautions.

If you have a dog with questionable temperament or behavior, it is advisable to board for a couple of days trial run while you’re home. Unlike many kennels which hire teenagers or staff not skilled in dog behavior our staff is comprised of veteran animal handlers

If for some reason your return trip is delayed, be sure and call the kennel immediately (planes can be missed, snow storms delay things, cars breakdown, etc.) so we can make the necessary arrangements for the care of your dog.

What if my dog needs medications?

When you make your reservations discuss the need for medications with our reservation manager. Please make sure that the instructions are clearly written. Include dog’s name, type of medication, how administered, how often administered, vet’s name and your name. Some kennels charge for this service, Northwind does not. Please make that we have all and even more medication that we will need in the event that your return is delayed.

What if the kennel needs to reach me?

We require an emergency local phone number, some way of getting in contact with you, or someone that you entrust to take financial and medical responsibility in case of an unlikely scenario; I assume most kennels also have the same requirements. If you give a cell phone number make sure it will pick up in the area you will be visiting and leave it on. If you are staying in a hotel, let the kennel know in whose name the reservation was made or what group you are with. Remember, several contact numbers are better than one – especially if the one you leave is the hotel and you are going to be out doing the tourist thing all day.

Emergencies happen, that is why they are called emergencies. In the unlikely event of a medical situation, we will transport your pet to a 24 hour facility located ten minutes from us.

What about extra charges?

Our wrap around services are essentially all inclusive. We provide fresh comfy bedding, gentle music, organic dog teats and even doggie ice-cream in the summer. We do offer several add on options such as extended one to one play time, nature trail leash walks, group play and professional grooming services upon departure. Ask our reservation specialists for additional details.