“Northwind Kennels is the best!!”

“You gals and guys and the dogs are beautiful,the grounds omg! You all are special in my heart!”

“Adorable and heartwarming to hear how well the doggies are cared for there!”

‘it is beautiful,so grateful for you gals and guys xoxo’”

“Thank you for all your hard work!”

“I just love this….best place e-v-e-r!!”

“Our sweetie pie, Shia loves to stay here:)”

“I have smile from ear to ear…the place and care of the dogs looks fantastic :)”

“Joey is packed and ready to come -Joey can’t wait to come next week he loves Northwind Puppy Camp. I mention it this morning to a friend and he ran to the car- Wednesday is not going to be here soon enough for my lil’ bug”

“Dearest Karen and Penny, I can’t even begin to THANK YOU for taking the very best care of Buddy, our 6 1/2 yr.old Soft-coated Wheaton Terrier, for us while we were away. He had never been boarded before, therefore, I had never taken a REAL VACATION! Our cruise was fabulous due to the fact that I’ve been using this boarding facility for 12 years and counting.”

“I have purebred German Shepherds both older (12+) and younger (2 yo). My dogs have always been well taken care of here. I’ve walked through this facility many, many times both picking up my dogs and dropping them off both announced and unannounced. It is always clean and secure. Yes, it smells like cats “”at times”” but – bless her soul – the Owner never turns away a cat in need of care or which has been abandoned – and shame on you for faulting her for it. The staff has always treated me and my dogs well and I have nothing but praise for them. I will continue to board my dogs at Northwind. Most important thing to me is that my dogs are safe, unable to escape, fed, given fresh water and nice pat on the head once in a while until I can return to them myself. They’ve taken care of my dogs, administered their meds, bathed and played with them – not only when I was vacationing – but when I was giving birth, hospitalized or newly widowed. This is my review – and it’s true. Bedford Resident, August 2013.”

“Both of you ladies took the time, repeatedly, to reassure me that he would be 100% fine and adjust to his surroundings! Thank you, ten times over for your professionalism, being so personable and taking the very best care of Buddy so that I was able to relax and know, without a doubt, that my baby, Buddy, was in the very best care that he could have been in! WE WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK! Much Love and Success, Debbie”